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Covid-19 (coronavirus) analyses

To minimise deaths and disruption from the covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreaks, we need to compare different countries and the measures that they have introduced.

The chart shows the new recorded cases each day of covid-19 infection. For clarity, only selected countries are shown, and 7-day moving averages are shown rather than raw data.

Some countries have controlled their outbreaks e.g. China, South Korea and Japan, while others have steadily increasing numbers of cases per day.

Countries with radical strategies of containing and eliminating outbreaks appear to be the more successful.

NB Care is needed in interpreting the chart as rates of testing vary from country to country, and also vary over time within the same country. For example, some feedback from Sweden is that initially, everyone returning from high risk countries was tested, but once community transmission was discovered, from March 12, testing was no longer performed on all suspected cases.

The data comes from the Johns Hopkins Hospital database [1]

[1]Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

First published: 21 Mar 2020
Last updated: 27 Mar 2020