About Ian Campbell

I've written these web pages on the covid-19 epidemic because I believe that decisions need to be based on evidence - and that we therefore need accurate summaries of the available evidence.

I have some relevant experience: qualifications in medicine (BA MB BChir FRCS FRCR), in statistics (BSc), and a doctorate (MD) in the use of statistical methods in cancer research.

I've worked as a hospital doctor and as a medical statistics consultant.

I have no financial interest in the topic.

More details are at https://www.iancampbell.co.uk.

On Twitter: @Ian_Campbell_

Why trust the charts and information on these web pages?

We have a terrible problem of lack of trust, linked with myths, misunderstandings, misinformation and conspiracy theories. So we should all be able to answer why we should be trusted.

In answer:
  • I provide the evidence on which my statements are based, with links to reliable sources, so that anything can be checked
  • I am accountable: i.e. I respond to queries and will justify anything that is written, or would correct it if an error were to be pointed out.

First published 21 Mar 2020
Last updated: 28 Oct 2020