When to end the UK lockdown

Is it time to end the UK lockdown?

Not yet, according to the latest data on new cases of covid-19 - the number of reported cases is still higher than the rate when the lockdown was introduced on 23 March.

Despite this, partial easing of the lockdown has taken place on 11 May and 1 June.

We first need more barriers to stop the virus spreading, to get the numbers of new cases down:
- more masks, testing, tracing, and isolating.

The chart was generated by the online chart-drawing facility at https://www.iancampbell.co.uk/covid-19.php. Up-to-date charts can be obtained from there.

The data comes from the Johns Hopkins Hospital database [1].

[1]Data sources https://www.iancampbell.co.uk/covid-19/8.html

First published: 9 May 2020
Last updated: 5 Jun 2020