Curriculum vitae


I trained in medicine at Cambridge and Kings College Hospital, London, qualifying in 1978.

While undergoing training for a consultant post in Radiotherapy / Clinical Oncology, I developed an interest in the application of research methods to clinical medicine. I completed an MD on Statistical Analysis of End-Points in Cancer Clinical Trials, and in 1993 set up as an independent consultant in statistics. I completed an Open University degree in Mathematics and Statistics in 1994.

Since 1993, I have acted as statistical consultant (see details) in around 200 projects for 70 clients, with complexity ranging from advice on simple questionnaire surveys to the comparison of multivariate survival models. Clients include professors and other academics, hospital consultants, GPs, MSc and PhD students, and nurses and other health care professionals. The subject areas have included health care, education and social care.

I have also devoted some time to the writing of software for health care. In particular, I have worked on a combined clinical correspondence and audit system for hospital departments (Notify), and this has been in use in Banbury since 1997 and now holds the correspondence on 32,000 patients with around 20 users. The principle of the system is that clinical information should be entered into hospital computer systems only once, so that accurate information is readily available at the patient level for individual care, and at the departmental level for statistical analysis.

My own research interests include the optimum methods of analysis of two-by-two tables (see here) and how to avoid misuse of statistics.

Since 2007, my main interest has been the various aspects of a sustainable economy.


BA (Medical Sciences) (First Class) Cambridge University 1975
BSc (Probability, Statistics and Pure Maths)
   (all courses passed with Distinction)
Open University 1994
MB BChir Cambridge University 1978
MD (Statistical Analysis of End-Points in Cancer Clinical Trials)
   Download .pdf file from here
Cambridge University 1994
FRCS Royal College of Surgeons 1982
FRCR (Clinical Oncology) Royal College of Radiologists     1989

Scholarships and prizes

• Cambridge Open Entrance Scholarship in Mathematics and Physics (Humphrey Davey Rolleston Scholarship), 1972.
• Diver Prize (St John's College medical prize), 1974.
• King's College Hospital Medical School Entrance Scholarship (Gooch Scholarship), 1975.
• Legg Prize (First Prize in Surgery) King's College Hospital Medical School, 1978.

Posts held

• Miscellaneous junior hospital posts London, Sheffield & Leicester1978 - 1981
• Surgical Registrar Leicester 1982 - 1983
• Registrar in Radiotherapy & Oncology Clatterbridge Hospital, Merseyside 1983 - 1987
• Senior Registrar in Radiotherapy & Oncology Clatterbridge Hospital, Merseyside 1987 - 1993
• Independent Consultant in Medical Statistics Merseyside1993 -


Author or joint-author of approximately 35 publications in peer-reviewed journals. About half of these have come from my involvement as statistical consultant.

Contact details

Tel: (+44) 151 625 1449